Magento 2 Adventures

I’ve had a rough start in my experiments with Magento 2. My first try was running locally on MAMP. The install went fine, but there were some configuration issues I was having difficulty resolving. I then installed it on my secondary database through my hosting. That went okay, but there was the indexing problem previously blogged about which ended up being a hosting company problem. After re-indexing things seemed okay but glitch-y. Since a new version had just been released I was waiting for the update through the vendor the hosting company contracts with for the install. I got started on a virtual box on my home machine. That worked wonderfully until the file went corrupt. The update still wasn’t available and it had been over a week. Since I could just install it, and had not made much progress on my site anyway. I did a reinstall.

The good news is, despite my M2 experiments getting started very roughly, I finally got the latest latest version is playing nicer with my hosting and my computer.

Creating Simple Products

Catalogue -> Products -> Add Product -> Simple Product

Creating Configurable Products

Catalogue -> Products -> Add Product -> Configurable Product

Create Bundle Product

Catalogue ->Products -> Add Product -> Bundle Product

Creating a Custom Attribute


Setup SSH Access for Website. 



Custom theming


Launch my Demo Site