Learning from other designers

I’ve been spending time looking around at websites that have won awards as well as those in the running. Below, are three websites with my notes of parts of the design that stood out to me.

Website one: Proyectos archivo – Nectar Estudio

What I like: This design is a clean and high contrast design making use of ample whitespace so the page doesn’t look too cluttered. The page makes uses of just 3 colors which are black, white, and a vibrant green. The menu at the top is limited to five options plus a language option which makes sense as the company is based in Spain. Link hover helps define when you’ve selected a menu option and portfolio makes use of two columns of pictures highlighting recent work as well as a table with links to a handful of other key projects.  Overall, seems well thought out and design and usability translate well to mobile design as well.

Website two: bacter | creative infection – by elephant stone

What I like:  Menu is clearly accessible from left. This is a totally different feel with the heavy use of JavaScript. The user scrolls through the various menu options to view portfolio, projects, contact, etc. The overall design is very clean, while relying heavily on pictures with titles. Titles are included in high contrast colors to the dark background (white).

What I think could be better: the experience is completed by the use of a basic sound that starts playing when you open the page. I personally don’t know a single person who wants sound when they open a webpage that is not Youtube, Pandora, or similar service. I’m also unsure how this page translates responsively but google’s developer’s tools did not paint an optimistic picture.


Website three: Lemon Lemon | 7UP

What I like: The imagery on this amazing. While presumably the pictures were provided by Pepsi Co. the photo on the landing page is balanced by large high contrast text explaining the product  (7 up in the Dutch market) in just a few words. The menu/navigation is accessible from the right or by pressing the number 7. Throughout the site, as you navigate around there are little circles in the color scheme going towards the top of the page reflecting the beverage’s carbonated nature.  A big interactive button labeled discover takes you directly to the product pages. The text is chosen carefully, and is concise making the user experience clear, easy to use, and simple.