A Few of my Favorite Tech News Sites

Built in LA  is one of my favorite tech news sites because I live in Los Angeles, and want to know what advances, companies, and other changes are happening locally. This site keeps up-to-date with local companies and start-ups, their news, their fundraising, etc. It’s a great source to look around at potential employers and to keep tabs on what innovation is happening locally.

True to their mission of simply explaining the news without bias, Slate’s Technology section also explains the news.  You won’t frequently find information here about the latest startups, but you will see articles about topics like net neutrality and  basic explanations that break down how if passed the landscape of the internet will change.

I’m a fan of traditional journalism so I really like the LA Times Technology  and the Washington Post Technology sections. These news sections generally cover press events, mergers or purchases of significant amounts of stock by companies, CEO changes, that the other sources cover so they can be scanned over quickly, but peppered into these sources are  interesting articles documenting our ever changing relationship with technology.  This is where I find articles about a young child who has added Amazon’s Alexa to his vocabulary before ‘mama’.